PARKING: Venue/Buyer is to provide FATAL STING members and crew members reserved area parking with clear access to the venue/load in area. Parking area must be able to accommodate at least two to three vehicles, plus trailer for parking.

DRESSING ROOM: Venue/Buyer is to provide FATAL STING a private dressing room(s) area (Or motor home for outdoor events) with adequate lighting, mirrors, electrical outlets, private bathroom area/facilities and comfortable seating for 8 people, near the stage. It should be made available from load-in thru load-out.

HOSPITALITY: Venue/Buyer is to provide a green room or back stage area with the following hospitality:

Purchaser will provide refreshments for the band and crew (up to 8 people total) from load-in thru load-out. At load-in: a CASE of non-sparkling bottled water (Cold/on ice) is required at the stage. After sound check: (or two hours prior to doors opening, whichever comes first) catering is required in dressing room or other suitable area. Suggestions include: Deli tray (with bread and condiments), chicken, low fat hot entrée, salads, fruit, veggies, chips & salsa, desert items, soft drinks, coffee (cream & sugar), water, ice, cups, glasses, plates, and utensils. ONE CASES of beer: ONE Bottle of Captain Morgans Spiced Rum, and Two (2) Liter Bottles of Pepsi(purchasers choice) is to also be provided on ice in the dressing room area. Hot water for brewing tea (and tea bags) is also required.

Additional requirements must include: Two coolers to be accessible by the stage area during the performance to contain: a second CASE of non-sparkling bottled water, Gatorade or Powerade energy drink (mixed flavors), and an assortment of Red Bull energy drinks, all to be kept on ice. REFRESHMENTS ARE TO REMAIN IN THE DRESSING ROOM AREA UNTIL LOAD-OUT IS COMPLETE.

ACCOMODATIONS: Venue/Buyer is to provide hotel rooms the day of the event. All rooms must be prepaid (including all taxes, required gratuities, parking, etc.), located near the venue, and reserved under the band name. Hotels must be quality chain. Early check-in and/or late check out may be required. A minimum of Two smoking and one non-smoking double-queen rooms, to a maximum of Sixe (6) rooms should be reserved for the following:

Band: Miguel Reategui (Klaus Meine ) , Bill Wirth (Matthias Jabs ), Doug Rockwitz (Rudolf Schenker ) ,Tony Leforte (Pawel Maciwoda ), Dave Lutz. (Herman Rarebell) and Brad Borycki (engineer) (6 rooms total, or 3 rooms with Queen beds)

Support: Band may require an additional hotel room for support personnel (one double bed queen smoking room). (additional room with double bed).

GUEST LIST: Venue/Buyer is to allow FATAL STING a guest list for the event, which will allow free admission into the venue for the event for the named guests. Tickets for the event can be substituted in place of a box office 'guest list'. The amount of allowed guests is to be a minimum of ten (10), which is equivalent to 2 guests per band member. Guests are to be allowed access to the venue/event, and not to the backstage, load in, or stage area.

Band Contact: Bill W

Management/agent for booking: Bill Wirth 716-445-2002