FATAL STING - The Scorpion's Tribute





1. Artist agrees to a paid musical performance for Purchaser on ______________, at location _______________ for a total amount of $_______ USD.

2. A deposit of 50% USD of the agreed amount shall be paid at least 4 weeks prior to engagement. The remainder shall be paid immediately upon completion of the engagement. Artist cannot guarantee the performance unless the deposit is made 4 weeks prior to the event because of travel and personal matters. Purchaser can choose to make FULL payment to guarantee performance if they wish. Such payment must also be made 4 weeks prior to engagement to guarantee performance.

3. In all situations Artist should be advertised as FATAL STING - The Scorpion’s Tribute.

4. For flyouts accommodations: Purchaser agrees to provide:

Six (6) prepaid round trip airline tickets. Tickets to include luggage and instrument travel fees i.e. six (8) Guitars.

One (1) prepaid mini van, available at the airport. (Must be suitable to carry six (6) people and band’s instruments to and from airport, hotel, show location, etc.)

Four (4) double occupancy motel or hotel rooms. (clean, comfortable, with TV, and telephone within 15 min. of venue. Rooms shall be available from 2:00 PM the day of the performance until 12 noon the following day.

All meals shall be provided by Purchaser for the Artist.

Purchaser agrees to provide:

  • DRESSING ROOM: Venue/Buyer is to provide FATAL STING a private dressing room(s) area (Or motor home for outdoor events) with a lock,adequate lighting, mirrors, electrical outlets, access to a private bathroom area/facilities and comfortable seating for 8 people, near the stage. It should be made available from load-in thru load-out.

         ACCOMODATIONS: Venue/Buyer is to provide hotel rooms the day of the event. All rooms must be prepaid (including all taxes, required gratuities, parking, etc.), located near the venue, and reserved under the band name. Hotels must be quality chain. Early check-in and/or late check out may be required. A minimum of Two smoking and one non-smoking double-queen rooms, to a maximum of Five (5) rooms should be reserved for the following:

Band: Miguel Reategui (Klaus Meine), Bill Wirth(Matthias Jabs ), Doug Rockwitz (Rudolf Schenker ) , Tony Leforte(Pawel Maciwoda ) and Allan Mather. (Herman Rarebell ) Brad Borycki ( Engineer ) (6 rooms total, or 3 rooms with Queen beds)

Support: Band may require an additional hotel room for support personnel (one double bed queen smoking room). (additional room with double bed).

         2 Cases of cold bottled water

         One liter of Captain Morgan

         24 packs Cola pepsi

         6 packs Heineken Beer

         12 pack Snapple Iced Tea

         (10) Clean Towels

         Snacks (nuts, chips, pretzels, etc.)

         Veggie snack tray for Six (6) people

GUEST LIST: Venue/Buyer is to allow FATAL STING a guest list for the event, which will allow free admission into the venue for the event for the named guests. Tickets for the event can be substituted in place of a box office 'guest list'. The amount of allowed guests is to be a minimum of ten (10), which is equivalent to 2 guests per band member. Guests are to be allowed access to the venue/event, and not to the backstage, load in, or stage area.





Venue to be available to Artist six (6) hours prior to show time.

Venue stage manager, one (1) monitor technician, one (1) house sound technician and one (1) light technician to be available, sound check and performance at Purchaser's expense.




(1)     Parking is to be made available, at the stage door or as near to as possible, from load-in, until two (2) hours of the closing of venue. Description of load-in, (i.e.. stairs, elevator, alley etc.) is to be made available to Artist's representative in advance.

(2)     The following is provided at the Purchaser's expense:

(3)     Backline equipment. Please refer to the Backline Rider for details and specifications.
A professional quality PA sound system and a qualified person to run the PA. Please refer to the sound and lighting rider for details and specifications.

(4)     A professional lighting system and a qualified person to run the lighting system. Please refer to attached sound and lighting rider for details and specifications.

(5)     Security - Purchaser agrees to provide proper security at all times, to ensure the safety of the Artist, their equipment,
and personal property, before, during and after the performance. Purchaser also agrees to provide two (2) security
people at either side of the front of the stage during the performance, for Artist's safety.

(6)     In the event of multi-night engagements, storage and security for Artist's equipment is to be provided.




Artist has the sole right to sell and distribute Fatal Sting merchandise. Purchaser agrees to provide
adequate space in a suitable location for merchandise sales before, during, and after the performance.

Purchaser agrees to allow Artist a complimentary guest list of not more then ten (10) persons per show.




(1)     Recording, taping, broadcasting, filming, or photographing Artist's performance will not be permitted without the
prior consent of Artist.

(2)     Purchaser shall not commit Artist to any personal appearances, interview, or any other type of promotion
without prior consent of Artist.

(3)     Artist shall have sole and exclusive control over the production, representation and performance of the
engagement here under, including but not limited to the details, means and methods of the
performance of the Artist.

(4)     Purchaser shall indemnify Artist, his employees, contractor and agents for all losses sustained in
direct consequence of the performance of their professional services. Purchaser shall also indemnify
Artist against any and all damage occurring to Artist's equipment at the venue, including but not limited
to damage suffered due to inclement weather.

(5)     In the event that Artist, due to no fault of his own is present and unable to perform, or prevented from
performing during the time periods specified herein, Artist shall be paid in full and shall not be
obligated to perform at any other time period.

(6)     Artist's obligation to perform the engagement here under shall be excused if Artist is unable to perform as
the result of illness or injury, detention resulting from inability to obtain reasonable modes of
transportation, riots, or other manifestations of civil, strife, strikes or other forms of labor difficulties,
epidemics, an act of or order of any public authority or court, any act of God, and/or
similar or dissimilar cause beyond Artist's reasonable control.

(1)     Purchaser shall be responsible for and maintain public liability and property damage insurance for any
claim by any member or Artist's group for loss, injury, or damage caused by purchaser, his agents,
employees or patrons. The amount of such insurance coverage shall not be less than ($500,000.00)
Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.




For international performances, the PURCHASER agrees to provide 6 prepaid roundtrip airline tickets to ARTIST and all legal matters pertaining to travel abroad shall be provided by the PURCHASER and made ahead of time to guarantee performance.











Fatal Sting - The Scorpions Tribute